Thursday, December 25, 2008

Seasons Greetings!

It's been a wild month and this is the first chance I've had to actually sit at my computer and do something fun. Between the medical stuff (Christmas is a crappy time for a family member to have surgery), the finals (teenage son), the work (everybody seems to want to sue everybody else in December for some reason) and the number of dogs being turned into rescue (and shelters that can't tell the difference between a boy dog and a girl dog), I haven't had a spare minute.

However, the holidays have arrived, ready or not, and everyone at my house is thankful to be in pretty good health and still gainfully employed. So from our house to yours --
Merry Christmas!

(Can you tell how much the dogs love to pose in front of the tree.)

Rusty LOVES the holidays and he especially loves presents -- anyone's presents -- and he thinks Christmas is grand. :)

This is Rusty and "Bear". Bear is not really a dog toy, but Rusty fell in love the minute he saw him. Bear has glowing parts and lots of choking hazards, so all play with Bear must be observed by the Stuffie Police.

Everyone got a visit from Santa!

"Look into My Evil Glowing Eyes"

The real reason that Spike's eyes are glowing, is that after Santa finished filling the stockings, she started digging through the treasure trove of treats and found (oh feline joy!) a package of drugstore catnip mice and liberated one from the wrappings.

Miss Spike spent the rest of the night racing around the house, tearing from room-to-room, sending rugs flying and knocking down decorations. She finally settled down in the wee hours of the morning into a catnip induced stupor of pure kitty bliss.
Not everyone is as fond of Christmas and Allie has spent most of the morning hiding under the bed. (All of those scary, crinkly wrapping papers flapping.) Oh well.

"I don't wanna pose anymore!"
We are looking forward to what will hopefully be a great 2009 and
Rusty says "Merry Christmas to All"!!