Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Summer of Travels

It's been a very busy summer. L0ts of things going on, including a tw0-week camping trip with Allie & Rusty.

We spent the first night in City of Rocks in Idaho. It's a rock climber's paradise and pretty cool camping. Big rain storm that night, however, with lots of thunder, lightning, and wind. Allie spent the night curled up on a bed underneath the dining table in the trailer.

Another fun place that the dogs really liked was the Anaconda Sportsmen's Park near Anaconda, Montana. Right on the Big Hole River, the fishing is usually good and the dogs spent a lot of time swimming in the river.

("Oooh", Rusty says "That's a good spot".)

We spent a few days camping in Yellowstone. Saw a Grizzly by the side of the road.

One evening, while we were camping at Norris Geyser Basin Campground, we were just settling down to dinner and a lot of the dogs in the campground started to bark. Not just a little bark, but loud persistent barking. Then Rusty joined in. I turned about and there behind me was . . . . Sasquatch! Seriously.

I didn't get a picture, because to put it mildly we were a bit taken by surprise. There was this great big, 6 ft. 5 in. guy, in a Sasquatch suit. He waved and started running off through the campground. You could tell where he was he in campground by the dogs barking wildly and the screams. I don't know who he was, but it was actually a pretty good gag.

Another highlight was the Grand Tetons.

My next adventure will be the 2009 Soldier Hollow Sheepdog Trials. Western Border Collie Rescue is having a booth at the trial this year! It should be a great adventure.
So, if anyone is up in Heber City, Utah over the Labor Day weekend, be sure to stop by and say "hello".