Sunday, April 19, 2009

Spring Break

It's been a long time since we made a post to this blog -- things have been crazy lately -- sure hope it slows down for a while. Whew!

We just got back from our annual Spring Break trip down to "sunny" southern Utah and like most things in our lives lately -- it was a wild one. I won't bore you with all of the details (i.e., multiple emergency room visits, CAT scans, high winds, snow storms, etc.), but it wasn't the most relaxing vacation we've ever taken. We did have a pretty good time (overall) -- the dogs thought it was keen.

We spent the first four days of the trip visiting family in their newly purchased little winter cottage, located in St. George, Utah -- a place supposedly much warmer than home during the snowy, cold months. Unfortunately, we experienced unseasonably cold, wet weather and ended up hunkering inside of the tiny house for most of that time.

Rusty demonstrates the fine art of playing fetch in a very small living room because the weather outside sucks.

Sleeping quarters were a little tight and
Allie slept underneath the end table.
Grandma and Grandpa were pretty good sports, especially considering they aren't really "dog people," and confining 4 adults, 1 sick teenager and 2 restless Border Collies into a 600 sq. foot house for four straight days was a bit of a challenge. Everyone breathed a big sigh of relief when the weather improved, the teenage boy felt better and we could wave goodbye and push on to spend the last three days of our vacation in Zion National Park.

Rusty loooovvves sleeping on the beds in the tent trailer.

Hiking the Par'us Trail (the only trail in Zions N.P. dogs are allowed on).

Will you stop taking pictures??? Isn't this supposed to be a walk!?

Allie hides in her usual spot underneath the trailer. (Oooh! Too many scary noises like chopping wood and popping campfires!)

The dogs snooze in the back of the car while we pack up to leave at the end of our camping trip. Aaaahhh, warmth and sun - finally!
We spent a little time at Bryce Canyon National Park on our way home, but it was a bit too cold to spend much time outside. Very beautiful though!

I guess I'd better go deal with the 30 ft. pile of laundry from our trip, mopping up the bathroom from the toilet that just overflowed (????) and try to remember how to do trigonometry -- someone just remembered he has a project due tomorrow (did I mention things had been very wild lately . . . .)